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Welcome to Cindy's Hebrew Class!


Cindy's Hebrew School class is scheduled to lead the Hebrew School Shabbat service February, 2018.  This is an evening service.  The parents of the students in this class will provide the oneg after the service.


This class will study selected chapters from Hineni Express. 

Follow this link for on line reading practice.  Scroll down to the part of the page that says "Games, Online Learning, Podcasts.  Select "Click and Read Hebrew" and register to use this link.  Feel free to make use of the other links that can be found here.


Hebrew reading is a skill and brain based research tells us that skills develop best when they are practiced in many short sessions rather than in one long one.  For that reason, short assignments of Homework are assigned every class for the entire course of our Hebrew program.  We advise, that for the most fluent and proficient Hebrew reading to develop, 5 minutes a day should be spent reading Hebrew on days one does not attend Hebrew school.  Reading along in the congregational service on Shabbat, is one way to practice your reading for the day.  Downloads are provided for the remaining practice and sometimes the teacher will assign pages in the students' books.


If you miss a class, find out from Cindy what chapter was covered in the class you missed.  Then, use the on line CD to keep up.

Homework:  (the practice of skills learned in class so they won't be forgotten by the time the student arrives at the next class; causing the need for re-teaching the same lesson instead of moving ahead with new skills)






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