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Mandy's Hebrew School Class will lead the Hebrew School Shabbat service March, 2018.  This is an evening service.  The parents of the students leading the service will provide the oneg after the service.



HINENI 1 is the book this class is using.  The students will receive a textbook, a workbook and a CD.  The CD should remain at home to be used for help and enrichment.  The serial number for this CD is STU27DUN.  This license is good for one year from August 10, 2017.  The textbook and workbook should go home at the end of class and be brought back to class each time we meet.  

Corresponding audio tracks from the on line CD, Hineni 1 prayers, are found on this link.  Scroll down to the part of the page that says "Games, Online Learning, Podcasts".  Select "Click and Learn Prayer" and register to use this link. There are other useful links that can be found here.


Taking The Lesson Home

We begin the 5th chapter of our book.  In this chapter we study the Mi Chamocah which is the prayer of redemption.  It is included in both the morning and evening service so it is said twice a day.  Each time we say or sing this prayer we are re-enacting the Exodus from Egypt.  The specific incindent we re-enact is the crossing of the Sea of Reeds. 



 NEW:   Four prayer endings called Chatimot (Chatimah is the singular) or seals have been assigned to learn to read fluently.  This is one of the assignments for getting ready to lead the Shabbat service in March.  The prayers are found in the xeroxed prayer booklet and the pages are marked with page markers. 

OLD:  Workbook page 32


And please practice the three prayers found on pages 14-15 of the workbook and the V ahavta found on pages 43 and 41 of the textbook.  I am sorry to say that none of the students are fluent on all of the prayers listed for practice.  There are still errors and stumbling and hesitation on some words or sections of all the prayers.  Please practice daily so that the words become familiar to the students and then we can move forward onto new sections of our book.  Thank you. 


Quizlet flashcard practice  Not only will students be able to practice the vocabulary flashcards with games, but they will also be learning to read Hebrew without vowels by using this tool after they have succeeded at sight reading the words from the flashcards.



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