Mandy's Hebrew Class




Mandy's Hebrew School Class will lead the Hebrew School Shabbat service March, 2018.  This is an evening service.  The parents of the students leading the service will provide the oneg after the service.



HINENI 1 is the book this class is using.   Corresponding audio tracks from the on line CD, Hineni 1 prayers, are found on this link.  Scroll down to the part of the page that says "Games, Online Learning, Podcasts".  Select "Click and Learn Prayer" and register to use this link. There are other useful links that can be found here.


Taking The Lesson Home


HOMEWORK  (the practice of skills learned in class so they won't be forgotten by the time the student arrives at the next class; causing the need for re-teaching the same lesson instead of moving ahead with new skills)


Quizlet flashcard practice  Not only will students be able to practice the vocabulary flashcards with games, but they will also be learning to read Hebrew without vowels by using this tool after they have started to study the words from the flashcards.



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